Sunday, February 24, 2008

Exclusive: Rabbi Shergill's new album

UPDATE: Our readers have confirmed (Thanks guys!) that Rabbi is indeed releasing his new album. It seems the album is going to be released on Nokia Nseries phones first at the end of March and it will be followed by his album launch in April. We'll be covering the new songs as and when they are released.

With the increasing popularity of this blog (Its a first-page return for a google search of "Rabbi Shergill"), its increasingly becoming possible that Rabbi himself might be visiting this site. While KD has tried to contact Rabbi in person before, he hasn't been very successful. However, day before yesterday, we received a comment to one of our posts that claims to be from the man himself. So, assuming good faith, we are replicating the information from that comment here.

According to the comment, Rabbi is coming out with a new album in April. It has been produced by Italian music composer Mauro Pagani. One of the first songs to be released is titled 'Bilqis'. Here is one of its verses:

Mera naam Bilqis Yakoob Rasool
Mujhse hui bas ek hi bhool
ki jab dhoondte the vo Ram ko
To main kharhi thi raah mein
Pehle ek ne poochha na mujhe kuch pata tha
Duje ko bhi mera yehi javab tha
Itno ne poochha ki mera ab saval hai
(Ki)jinhe naaz hai hind par vo kahan the
Jinhe naaz hai vo kahaan hai

We're all excited by the prospect of a new Rabbi Shergill album, and we're sure that our visitors will be too. So here's wishing him the best for this new venture.

And just to give you a taste of what the Rabbi-Mauro combination might sound like, here is a video of Mauro Pagani performing live:


KD said...

With Good Faith,

First of All Thanks for visiting your blog and by giving the precious verses of your upcoming songs.
Well I am based in Bombay the capital of Indian Entertainment Industry. If Mr Rabbi Shergill you visit Bombay and can spare your valuable time I would like to take an opportunity to invite you for "Coffee with KD". Believe me sir it wont be like Karan Johar's Koffee :).

With All Due Regards,
Kamaldeep Singh

Anonymous said...

I have heard this song this was sung by him a while ago in one memorial function in Delhi though I don't remember the lyrics but what I can share with you that I had tears in my eyes along with many other fellows artistes. Looking forward to hear that song again.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I heard that Rabbi is releasing his album on Nokia Nseries phones in end March and it will be followed by his album launch in April (that sounds like a first in India -- and very Rabbi like to do something different). Have heard from sources, that the album has some superb songs. Am looking forward to end march.

Sameer said...

Thanks guys, we've updated the post accordingly.

Sameer said...

Thanks for the information guys. Check out the updated post:

Anonymous said...

I had a chance to attend the Nokia's Nseries Press Conference today, in which Rabbi's latest album was released. I am just attaching the press release from it.


-For the first time in India, a music album launches on mobile devices prior to its worldwide launch -

New Delhi, April 9, 2008 – Nokia Nseries, the premium multimedia sub-brand of Nokia has joined hands with India’s leading fusion artist Rabbi Shergill to premiere his new music album in digital format on Nseries devices. This marks the first ever launch of a complete music album on a mobile handset prior to its physical launch. Titled ‘Avengi Ja Nahi’, the yet to be released album has 9 soul stirring numbers. It will be exclusively available across the country for a month on the iconic Nseries multimedia device N95, the N70 Music Edition and the N73 Music Edition. Thereafter, it will be launched on music CDs by Yash Raj Music in the first week of May. The album was unveiled on Nseries devices in New Delhi by Rabbi and Devinder Kishore, Director Marketing, Nokia India.

This new offering takes forward the Nseries promise of offering the Next Episode in Entertainment on mobile devices. “At Nokia we believe that the mobile device is emerging as the Fourth Screen for entertainment after the big screen, the television and the personal computer. Our endeavor has been to offer the best of entertainment on the go on the best of devices. This announcement breaks new ground for mobile music and entertainment in India, bringing people closer to their passion of music and performers closer to listeners in ways we would never have imagined,” said Devinder Kishore, Director Marketing, Nokia India.

Speaking on the occasion, Rabbi said, “Music has been my passion since childhood and it brings out the real emotions in me. I enjoy giving people an enchanting experience with newer forms and fusions of music. It gives me great pleasure to join hands with Nokia Nseries and offer these songs exclusively to Nseries consumers.” The mobile version of the album has a special foreword from Rabbi and also an individual introduction to each song by him.

In addition to Rabbi’s ‘Avengi Ja Nahi’, the Nokia Nseries devices will also come packaged with 100 DRM compliant songs across genres ranging from popular film music to international artists.

Nokia Nseries My Music My Muse
As part of this unique music experience, Nokia Nseries also rolled out a first of its kind contest titled, Nokia Nseries My Music My Muse, targeted at young music enthusiasts in the country. The contest invites aspiring participants above 18 years of age to shoot a video using their mobile phones for Rabbi’s lead track from the album ‘Bilqis’. The theme is ‘sharing inspirations’ and each film has to be at most 20 seconds long. 30 short listed entries will be judged by Rabbi himself and footage from the best 5 entries will be edited to create a 3 minute online music video for the song. This will be first user generated online Indian music video.

According to Rabbi, “Bilqis is one of my favorite tracks from the new album. It revolves around various things that inspire an artist, which is why the theme of the contest is ‘sharing inspirations’. I am glad that Nokia Nseries is offering such an exciting yet sensitive platform to music enthusiasts. It will also bring me closer to my fans. This is perhaps the only initiative of its kind that brings to the forefront the unique and passionate mix of technology & music.” This contest opens up another chapter in the Web 2.0 story with consumers becoming broadcasters and carries forward the Nseries strategy of enabling people to explore, capture and share their experiences using mobile devices.

Mandeep said...

Thanks Guys ... for the latest Album info of Rabbi ... we have been waiting for a long time for this news and his new album .

looking forward for his new album .My friend circle will be very happy to hear this news.


Amit Nanda said...

The Album 'Tere Bin...' & 'Bulla Ki Jaana...' from Rabbi are superb. I have seen these albums in TV.


Anonymous said...

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Kosmos said...

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Anonymous said...

rabbis music is very soulfull i am a big fan,does any one has any news on rabbis upcoming album its been a while since he released avengi ja nahi......

Rivar Chand said...

Do you guys have a contact abbi Shergill. Am trying to reach him for a cultural performance we wish to invite him for.
Thank you