Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Avengi Ja Nahin - New Album Details

So as it turns out, our prediction was right, just a bit early. As several people pointed out, Nokia released Rabbi's album for N-Series phones recently. Not a trend that I personally like - but there it is. The public release of the album is due in the first week of May by Yash Raj Music.

The album is titled 'Avengi Ja Nahin', and is targeted against communal violence. 'Bilqis', the song whose lyrics Rabbi shared with us before release, is a song that speaks of the plight of Bilkis Bano, one of the victims of the Gujarat riots.

We're looking forward to hear this new album in May. In the meanwhile, those of you who are in India and do have NSeries phones, listen to the songs and let us know how you like them!


Anonymous said...

Yeh... very eagerly waiting for the release of this new album.. -Mandeep

Vikas Narula said...

Here is the screenshot of
new songs from rabbi new album.


By Vikas Narula

Pav Chera 'Pawan' said...

I thought the new album would be out by now? Does anyone know where I can buy it and also the very first album too please?

Jagjit Singh (ireadmymails@gmail.com) said...

whens the album coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

vc said...

tentative date was 15th may, but album is still not available in the stores, please inform reply as soon as you get some info about the release.

Anonymous said...

Howdy folks!

Rabbi here. Don't know what you expect of me but all I can say is that my own expectations have undergone a sea change. In the past being a musical/artistic voice mattered to me but now in the context of the ever intensifying ecocide my own ambitions seem so trivial. An insurrectionary response to it seems increasingly the only way out. We need to develop a political dimension to our environmental concerns if we wish to preserve the human-earth connection. Please visit www.primitivism.com; www.insurgentdesire.com & www.johnzerzan.net. John woke me up, gave me my Morpheus-like moment (Matrix). Just give him a hear. I implore thee. Rabbi

Sameer said...

pawan, jagjit: We're trying to get more information about the album and the songs ourselves, and will update the blog as soon as we get any. Meanwhile, any inputs and information is welcome!

vikas, vc: Thanks!

Ankit said...

I wanted to subscribe to your blog but couldn't find an rss link. Perhaps you should add it, or if it is already there, make it more visible. :)

Pav Chera 'Pawan' said...

Thanks for the reply, Sameer et al.

Very happy to have found this Blog page - many thanks for all the hard work putting it together. Really looking forward to the new album like everyone else!

vc said...

any news regarding album?
release date etc.

SR41 said...

Just discovered this blog. Thanks for the hard work you put in it. Glad to know a new album will finally be released...it's been a long wait.
Greetings from France where Rabbi also has admirers

jugia said...

Well just happened to see the new posters put up outside nokia stores and like a normal rabbi fan here i am searchin for his new album.
hope his ephemeral lyrics and sexy punjabi again produce a fantastic album.
chak deh fatteh rabbi.
waiting for any albums release.

Anonymous said...


when is the album releasing ...waiting for a long time .
Please update ...and post any sony if possible .
Thanks - Mandeep

Jagjit Singh (ireadmymails@gmail.com) said...

The everlasting wait is making the zeal of listening to it milder. Rabbi, are you listening. Please do something.

Sameer said...

Guys, KD is trying hard to get as much info about the new album as possible. If anyone of you owns an N-Series phone or can help him in any way, please let us know. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

Please update about the new album .It was to be released in MAy . Guys ,I am overseas but people in back home -India can easily find out the latest status .As it was released in Nokia ..why don't someone give a review of songs and music .

Thanks -Mandeep

Pav Chera 'Pawan' said...

Hi guys,

Seeing as though the album was to be released on the N series nokia phones and that as yet we've not heard any reviews or snippets of any new songs, is it right to presume that this hasn't actually happened as yet? So, the knock on effect is the delay of the album?

I'm in the UK but can someone in India confirm whether the launch of 'Avengi..' has or has not happened on the nokia phones there please?

Many thanks,


Pav Chera 'Pawan' said...

Hello again!
Please scrap my previous question sent a few minutes ago. Just been told by someone in India that the N series went ahead as planned.

Just curious as to why nothing much has filtered over yet?! Songs/reviews?

OK, I'll just wait and be patient!


Anonymous said...

Hold on to your TV remotes folks. The first video - Avengi Ja Nahin from the new album releases on MTV today.

Anonymous said...

Hi guys! You may want to check out http://ajn.co.in/ -- the oficial website of Rabbi's new album Avengi Ja Nahin.

asha kalra said...


check out the video guys
rabbi rox

Pav Chera 'Pawan' said...


Anonymous said...

Just few words all songs are different, yet have a rabbi flavor.
challa -- music is fine some words bounce over the head
bilquis- only hindi songs gives an inspiration and a message to Modi, police, judiciary and builder lobby in indirect but strong format but sorry rabbi those guys don’t know this kind of music , they need only mujra kind of songs
Karachi- is the only dancing number and gives an impression that you have had sex with the Karachi girl.
Main bolia - song no other song writer can even come close to in Punjabi. The song is little lengthier then the rest of the songs telling the untold story in drunken format.
Avengi-- wow straight question to girl want to have sex.
Pagri Sambhal --- being Punjabi I can understand but it wd be a research project to understand this song by anyone else. This seems like anti Muslim also. Bush got a support on his side as how bad Muslims are historically.
Bandra – most local song with international sound, bandra is going to become famous after narimun point in Mumbai.

Ballo – song dedicated to female feticide issue for the united nation. Album has its logo and facts how some musician can control song production.

Return to unity – good competition to AR Rehman’s pray for me Brother. Intellectual English speaking community in India and Pakistan can spend hours discussing.

Something is missing in album (needs a serious R&D) but album is on top of all charts replacing strings, sonu nigam and atif aslam.

Anonymous said...

"Something is missing in album (needs a serious R&D)" I know what's missing -- radio friendliness, mediocrity & shallowness.

AJ said...

@Ankit: I agree that we must have RSS or feed link on the main page. I do not have the rights to do so. Perhaps the owner of the group can please do that.

Although you might know this but just for the sake of information for everyone, for Blogger blogs, you just have to add "/atom.xml" to the blog's URL to get the feed. So, this blog's feed would be -


I know its not RSS, but works well with most of the feed readers.

Anonymous said...

hey there.... this is one of the most psychedelic artists ever came acrosss.....