Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rabbi Shergill - iTunes

I was patiently listening to the complete album and in the end I see that this album is available on Apple itunes.

I couldn't stop my self from posting this just for other contributors of the blog Sameer and AJ. Also, never wanted that the regular readers of our blog to be deprived of this wonderful album.

Simply search it on your iTunes and download the full album for $8.91. In India an Audio CD would cost Rs 149 = $3.48. If you do not have time to go to Planet M or Music world just visit Yashraj Films and order online.

Happy Listening!!!

AJN - Go Grab It

Well its been a long time that I have posted on my favourite blog. To be frank I never had a big story to tell .Now, I feel I am few early ones to grab a copy of the album. Yes, just rush to nearest Planet M. Though I felt bad that the Planet M Guy told me its been out for couple of days. I really felt guilty that I didn't walk upto a store to just have a quick look. Well its never too late I have a copy of amazing album and I couldn't stop myself to post the album covers on the blog clicked from my hopeless Nokia E51 camera.

CD is playing in my laptop while I am writing this post. The CD also contain a insert containg all the caller tunes and Hello tunes for various networks in India and yes US, UAE, Cananda etc.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Avengi Ja Nahin Video

So finally, the video for the title song of the new album was released. The video is embedded below. All credits go to Ankit who has a nice post over at the Maayne blog with the video and lyrics of the song. As a bonus, for those of us who aren't that good at Punjabi, just hover over the difficult punjabi words to read their english interpretation. 

We'll have more on the song soon.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Avengi Ja Nahin - Website

Thanks to an anonymous commenter, we got the link to the official website for Rabbi's new album, Avengi Ja nahin. You can download wallpapers, read the story behind the album, listen to short previews of the songs, and download song lyrics. The last item is interesting, you don't generally see artist websites linking to lyric downloads. I wonder how much of it is due to the popularity of this site, where the major audience still comes to get lyrics of his songs. 

Here's the link: Avengi Ja Nahin