Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Avengi Ja Nahin - New Album Details

So as it turns out, our prediction was right, just a bit early. As several people pointed out, Nokia released Rabbi's album for N-Series phones recently. Not a trend that I personally like - but there it is. The public release of the album is due in the first week of May by Yash Raj Music.

The album is titled 'Avengi Ja Nahin', and is targeted against communal violence. 'Bilqis', the song whose lyrics Rabbi shared with us before release, is a song that speaks of the plight of Bilkis Bano, one of the victims of the Gujarat riots.

We're looking forward to hear this new album in May. In the meanwhile, those of you who are in India and do have NSeries phones, listen to the songs and let us know how you like them!