Monday, January 23, 2006

Welcome to Rabbism

This should ideally have been the first post on this blog. However, let's stick to our adages (aka better late than never) and define the reason of this blog and our personal fascination with Rabbi Shergill.

The Purpose is pretty clear: We wanted to have one place where we could keep everything related to Rabbi - his lyrics, downloads, interview et all. Why? Because all of us, like quite a few other people around the globe, truly loved the brand of music that Rabbi has forged for himself in one album.

We're not connoisseurs of good music, and we're not true blue music partisans either (Although amongst us we manage 200+ hours of music a week, and we have KD, an iron filing of the Rock magnet.) So anyways, the point is, we're normal people who found something special in Rabbi's music. Something that was eternal, that never got old as we scratched our hard disks' shergill segment for its 20,000th round.

We can't define what we found, but it was something profound, and something that connected us to it. And we just knew that there would be others around the world who found it too. And maybe one of them would define it for us.

And hence, this blog. Welcome to Rabbism.