Sunday, April 01, 2007

"AJ" ki jana "Main" kaun?

If I exactly put the meaning of the above in my language it will sound rubbish.

Bulla ki jana mein kaun - is spoken by Bulle Shah. What he talks there are two people and not one. Bulla cannot know anything about "mein" at all, unless Bulla dies or finishes. If Mein is there, then Bulla cannot be there and vice-versa.


Plain, Bulla is somebody who is governed by the society, race, creed, sex etc. but there is someone deep inside who is the actual being, who is lost somewhere. That is the actual person, a human being who does not belong to any of those groups. But Bulla cannot know it, Bulla cannot fathom it.

After all Bulla ki Jana mein kaun; AJ ki jana mein kaun.

Source: Somewhere deep within me (and not AJ), a need to write on this beautiful song.


KD said...

KD - Applauds.
Thanks for the post as I never really could figure out what Bulla ki jana main kaun means. Its simply great.

Anonymous said...

Kudos to you for figuring out that this song is not meant for his girl-friend... that's what everyone ends up thinking. It is indeed for his parent. He wrote the lyrics himself, inspired by a couplet of Varis Shah.

jassi said...
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