Saturday, September 27, 2008

Video - Challa on Youtube finally

The much awaited video of Challa is finally avaliable on youtube. Enjoy!!!


Sirjee said...

Thanks for posting this. Rabbi is performing this Friday evening in New York. I'll try to be there.

Anonymous said...


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DocMitasha said...

thanks! i didn't realize there was another one out. the mv sheds more light on the song, for me atleast...its a little bit clearer!
My fav video so far from this album: Bilqis.

Rabbi's performing in New York? Whoa.

Shivam said...

Thanks man!


Anonymous said...

this is jaskaran here (chandigarh)
i'm a die hard fan of this great great singer and i badly want him to perform at my college fest

can anybody plz help with contact details about him or his manager

plz respond at

sid said...

really must compliment u guys..aj n u all..realy compliment u guys for making a blog of a gr8 guy lyk rabbi..u guys really rock...keep going...cheers!!!!

Dale Sundstrom said...

Chhalla with English Captions

It's a great song. I created captions in Punjabi and English for the Youtube video in this post. See it with captions at the above link.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for your blog on Rabbi.

My Punjabi is not very good, it will be great if someone could post lyrics of Rabbi's songs along with the meaning in English. Rabbi's songs are very meaningful. A lot of people who love Punjabi will enjoy Rabbi even more with the meaning of lyrics.

Keep up the good work.


aditya sirish said...

I've been a huge fan of Rabbi and I came across your blog sometime ago. I wrote something about Rabbi up on my blog. Thought you'd like this.

King Bayern Munich said...

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Kashif said...

bad video from an excellent singer

Zany said...

Chhalla vas nahi oo mere -- 4
Chhalla vas meri maa de
Ghallegi tan jange
Ve gall sun chhallia
Khaure keeta kis is 'te toona

Ve Chhalla bambi da paani
Chhalla bambi da paani -- 2
Kithhey veh gaye ne jaani
Asan khabar ko na jaani
Ve gall sun chhallia -2
Teri beri ik uggia ey kanda

Ve Chhalla gut ik lammi
Chhalla gut ik lammi -- 2
Asan supne si chummi
Hoi neeyat si anni
Asan dil di si manni
Ve gall sun chhallia
Hun de lai jehrhi deni ey sazaa